Graduate Students

Welcome to the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering! These web pages provide information to help you successfully fulfill the requirements of your chosen graduate degree.

Students must fulfill all requirements of the university as well as the specific requirements of your degree program.

Graduate students have procedures that must be completed and deadlines that must be followed. We have included general outlines of the degree requirements for the Master’s Plan I (Thesis), Master’s Plan II (Non-Thesis), Master's Plan III (Coursework Only) and PhD to help you proceed in an orderly and timely manner.

The School of Engineering holds its own Convocation Ceremony which is a graduation ceremony only for engineering students.

Remember that it is your responsibility to be informed of and to satisfy all requirements by keeping in close communication with the CBE Senior Academic Advisor and the Director of CBE Graduate Programs and by reviewing the information on the Grauate Studies website and in the UNM catalog.