InfoBlast Email Archive

The CBE Department is trying out something new in order to reduce the amount of emails you receive from our office via the CHE_Undergrad-L and CHE_PREMAJOR-L list servs.   At the beginning of each week the CBE Program Advisement Coordinator, Sarah E. Domínguez, will send out one email that summarizes all the scholarship opportunities, internship opportunities, campus events, etc. that we received the week before and was asked to share with you.  In the past, Sarah has sent these out as individual emails.   Now you will receive one email, usually once a week with all that info.  Hopefully this will help you to more easily sort through what interests you rather than filtering through several emails.   We will also post information to our facebook page (  Don't forget to 'like' us!  Below you will find an archive of all the InfoBlast emails that have been sent.

CBE Undergraduate Student InfoBlast Emails: