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Adaptive Design Challenge
March 26, 2019
Protoypes, improve accessibility, group challenge

Mid-Career Researcher Award Talk
March 11, 2019
MRS self- assembly techniques, synthesis of nanostructured materials

Notice to Farris visitors
March 7, 2019
A film production company will be doing production work and filming scenes in Farris Engineering Center for a television pilot Read More...

Datye recipient of 2019 Burwell Lectureship in Catalysis
March 4, 2019
catalysis, catalytic reaction mechanisms, catalytic research and literature

SOE faculty to help others create engaging learning strategies
February 21, 2019
Inside UNM Faculty News School of Engineering College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences Read More...

UNM researcher's company receives $1.2 million in renewable energy funding
February 15, 2019
renewable energy products Osazda Energy, LLC National Renewable Energy Laboratory Read More...

In Focus: Women in Biointerface Science
December 14, 2018
The contributions selected for this issue demonstrate recent advances toward understanding the biointerface, and as a grouping, give visibility to the impactful work being done by women leaders in this community. Read More...

77th NECF Workshop
November 30, 2018
together researchers with an interest in soft condensed matter and biophysics to discuss their work and explore collaborations Read More...

Multiple Honors for Canavan Group
November 30, 2018
Dion's challenge innovation Academy LoboBITES Engineers into Entrepreneurs AVS Read More...