Chair's Message

Sang M. Han, CBE Chair
Sang M. Han, PhD

Our department is embarking on an exciting new chapter. We serve our community by educating and training undergraduate and graduate students in the ever-evolving field of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Today, our field has grown to encompass clean energy, energy storage, environmental remediation, biomedicine, medical devices, food science, and more. Our faculty are leading engineering education as one of very few recipients of the National Science Foundation Revolutionizing Engineering Departments (NSF-RED) program. Our graduate program is at the forefront in the nation by demonstrating its research productivity, ranking 31st by the National Research Council. With training that emphasizes both creativity and rigor and by using the latest tools in education, our graduates strongly contribute to New Mexico’s economic development. They also successfully grow their careers nationwide, solving many of today’s pressing problems – climate change, clean energy, affordable medicine, sustainable manufacturing, etc. We are proud of the education we provide and the success of our students. I welcome you to join us during this exciting period at The University of New Mexico.