PhD Requirements

The PhD in Engineering  with an emphasis in Chemical Engineering requires 48 credit hours of coursework and 18 hours of dissertation.  Students take the departmental core courses (listed below) and choose additional courses to meet the 48 hour requirement in consultation with their faculty advisor.

Core courses include:

  • CBE 501: Graduate Seminar (1 cr. required every semester;  up to 8 credits may be applied toward the PhD)
  • CBE 502: Chemical and Biological Engineering Research Methods Seminar (1 cr)
  • CBE 521: Advanced Transport Phenomena I  (3 cr)
  • CBE 525: Methods of Analysis in Chemical and Biological Engineering  (3 cr)
  • CBE 561: Kinetics of Chemical Processes  (3 cr)
  • CBE 542: Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics  (3 cr)

Students who already possess a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering may, with the permission of their faculty advisor and CBE advisor, apply up to 24 hours of Master’s level coursework (taken at UNM or elsewhere) to the 48 credit hour requirements.

PhD students must pass a Qualifying Exam.  The Qualifying Exam consists of a written and oral exam and is required for all students to proceed in the doctoral program. The exam should be taken at the first opportunity after completing the required core courses.

In addition, PhD students also take a Comprehensive Exam.  The major portion of this examination consists of an oral presentation and defense of a research proposal.  The oral examination also evaluates the student’s general grasp of the proposed research field and the suitability of the material as a basis for a dissertation.

Approaching the conclusion of the degree, students must submit the Intent to Graduate form prior to the beginning of their final semester.  At least two weeks prior to the thesis defense, students submit an Announcement of Exam.  Following the defense, students submit a Report of Exam and the Report on Thesis or Dissertation.  The completed dissertation must be submitted to the Office of Graduate studies by their final deadline.  The deadline is published on the Office of Graduate Studies calendar.

This is intended as a quick overview of degree requirements.  Consult the UNM Catalog and Graduate Handbook for additional details.