Undergraduate Digital Badges

Digital Badges

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of New Mexico is proud to be one of the first Chemical Engineering departments in the country to offer Digital Badges to undergraduate students. These are online certificates of recognition of competence or mastery in specific areas, allowing students to showcase their unique skills and attributes. These digital badges provide a window for faculty and employers to view students' experiences, competencies, and accomplishments.

The Outstanding Teamwork Badge is earned through student application and peer evaluation from fellow students who have worked with the applicant in chemical engineering courses.  The badge signifies the student has demonstrated competency in teamwork according to their peers including the ability to complete quality work on time, clear, respectful, and inclusive communication skills, effective conflict resolution, among other skills.  

Fall 2018 Outstanding Teamwork Badge Earners:
Fayidh Alrashdi
Christopher Brock
Annie Burns
Forrest Cheek
Taylor Gabaldon
Ryan Hill
Serafina Lopez
Angelea Maestas
Aidira Macias
Ruben Trujillo

Spring 2018 Outstanding Teamwork Badge Earners:
Nolan Kephart
Jose Hernandez
Chris Torres