Advising is required each semester within the School of Engineering. Upon admission to the Chemical Engineering major, students meet with the Undergraduate Advisor for a brief orientation to the department, a review of previous progress, and for more information on selecting a concentration.

Students who have selected a concentration are assigned a Faculty Advisor specific to that concentration. Each semester, students make an appointment to meet with their faculty advisor to discuss the previous semester and to select courses for the upcoming semester.

Students should take an Undergraduate (UG) Advisement Form and a copy of their LoboTrax Degree Audit to their advising appointment. During the appointment, the student and Faculty Advisor will both sign the form outlining the plan for the following semester.

Following the appointment, students should make an appointment to bring in their signed Undergraduate (UG) Advisement Form to the Program Coordinator for Advisement in the Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE) Department Office. The CBE advisor and student will review any outstanding issues or questions and release the advising hold. Students will then be free to register for classes when registration opens.