Degree Requirements

The 2018-2019 degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (B.S.Ch.E.) degree program are outlined in the UNM Catalog.  A CBE student typically follows the catalog year degree requirements for the semester in which they were admitted to the School of Engineering.  Student should speak to the CBE Program Advisement Coordinator with any questions or concerns about catalog year as some exceptions may apply.

Students may check to see which catalog year’s degree requirements they are following by checking their LoboTrax Degree Audit.  At the top of the LoboTrax degree audit, a student will find a 6-digit number that identifies their catalog year.   The first 4 digits indicate the year and the last two digits indicate the semester (10=spring, 60=summer, 80=fall). 

Here are some examples:

201610 stands for Spring 2016, which falls under the 2015-2016 catalog year
201660 stands for Summer 2016, which falls under the 2016-2017 catalog year
201680 stands for Fall 2016, which falls under the 2016-2017 catalog year

The degree requirements listed on the student’s LoboTrax degree audit reflect that catalog year’s degree requirements.  However, students may also view the catalog requirements on the Registrar’s website.

Below please find curriculum sheets for the current catalog year (2018-2019).  The first curriculum sheet listed shows the general degree requirements for the B.S.Ch.E. degree program.  The General Curriculum Sheet is not specific to any one concentration so it is a good resource for students that are undecided on a concentration.   The next five curriculum sheets show the specific degree requirements for the each of the 5 concentrations.  Students typically choose a concentration during their sophomore year in the degree program.