LoboTrax Degree Audits

LoboTrax Degree Audits  show students how courses they have taken and are currently taking apply toward their chosen degree plan.

Students should run a degree audit each semester and take a copy of the report to any advising appointments. Errors or omissions should be brought to the attention of your CBE academic advisor promptly. The university requires that each student’s audit be complete and without error for graduation

Making Updates to your LoboTrax Audit

Transfer courses or Substitutions

Transfer courses must be evaluated by the corresponding department here at UNM (eg. English has to evaluate English courses, Math must evaluate Math courses) so students will need to see the CBE academic adv in that department office. Students seeking to apply credit for technical courses taken at another college or University will need to provide course information and a syllabus to the CBE academic advisor and will need to complete the Course Substitution Form. This form should then be dropped off to the CBE department office for processing.

Students seeking to use a course at UNM to substitute for a course required for the Chemical Engineering degree or their chosen concentration must also use the Course Substitution to request a substitution. Students should meet with the CBE academic advisor to explain the reason for the substitution and request approval. Students should drop off the completed form to the CBE office.

University Core Substitutions

Students seeking to substitute a course for a University Core requirement must seek approval from the School of Engineering Associate Dean, Dr. Fleddermann. Students should complete the Core Course Substitution form and take the form (and a syllabus if it is a non-UNM course) to Dr. Fledderman’s office on the 3rd floor of Centennial Engineering. Once Dean’s approval is obtained, students should drop off the completed form to the CBE office.

Foreign Language Proficiency Form

Students for whom English is not their first language may request that the core second language requirement be waived using the Foreign Language Proficiency Form. Instructions are included on the form. After filling out sections A & B, please bring the form to the CBE office for College Approval.

NOTE: The LoboTrax Degree Audit is intended as a summary of degree requirements but does not replace degree requirements as listed in the UNM Catalog.