Dr. Brogan Retires After 26 Years at UNM

December 12, 2011

Dr. BroganOn Friday, December 9th, students and faculty in the CE Department came together to honor Dr. james Brogan and wish him all the best as he steps into retirement. Dr. Brogan has been a Professor of Transportation Engineering here at UNM for nearly 26 years, and those present at the luncheon were keen on sending him off in style. Dr. Brogan was presented with a Southwest gift card for he and his wife, Kathy, to enjoy but he conceded that "his fondest memories will revolve around the pink hardhat, the surveyor's compass, and, of course, [his] own personal SOW (single occupancy walker)."

In a final farewell speech, Dr. Brogan prepared a David Letterman-esque Top Ten List: "You Know It's Time to Retire When ... ." If you missed out on Dr. Brogan's retirement party, be sure to read his list of retirement quips here (and don't forget to take a peek at the stylish SOW in the photo above).