Doug Smith to speak at MIXER

April 16, 2015

Doug SmithDouglas Smith has been President of NanoPore
since 1994. Previously, he served as Director of the
and Regents Professor of Chemical Engineering
at UNM. Dr. Smith and NanoPore work on the
use of nanoporous materials for thermal and
electrical insulation and adsorption cooling. He
has 97 patents and is the lead inventor for both
the NanoglassTM family of low dielectric constant
films and the NanoCoolTM family of on-demand
cooling. His work has led to 3 commercial product
lines; the NanoglassTM family of dielectrics,
NanoPoreTM thermal insulation, and NanoCoolTM adsorption cooling. He
has created eight different nanotechnology-related ventures including;
NanoPore Incorporated, Nanoglass LLC (with Honeywell), NanoPore
Insulation LLC, NanoPore Insulation Ltd., NanoCool LLC, NanoBev LLC,
NanoSorb GmbH and NanoFrio LLC. In addition, he was one of the founders
of Cool Logistics Ltd.  For more information…