Professor Selected to Attend Symposium

August 27, 2015

Elizabeth DirkProfessor Elizabeth Dirk, Assistant Professor in Chemical and Biological Engineering has been selected by the National Academy of Engineering, Frontiers in Engineering Education to attend the 6th Annual Frontiers in Engineering Education Symposium in Irvine, Ca Oct 26-Oct 29, 2015.

"The vision of the Frontiers of Engineering Education (FOEE) is to strengthen the engineering and innovation capacity and capability of the nation by catalyzing a vibrant community of emerging engineering education leaders. To achieve the mission of recognizing accomplishment, facilitating learning, broadening collaboration, and promoting dissemination of pioneering practice in engineering education, each year FOEE brings together some of the nation’s most engaged and innovative engineering educators in order to promote effective, substantive, and inspirational engineering education through a sustained dialogue within the emerging generation of innovative faculty.

Attendees are actively teaching in U. S. engineering programs and have recently implemented significant innovations in their classes. During the 2.5 day symposium, they participate in discussions and workshops focused on approaches to classroom, laboratory, project, experiential, computer-based, or other modes of preparing engineering students to work and lead in the 21st century. Attendees also have multiple opportunities to share their innovations with others, learn from best practice, and network with colleagues. They discuss the current and evolving contexts that should shape engineering and engineering education. The program will assist them in forming an on-going, self-supporting cohort committed to innovation and sustained excellence in engineering education."