UNM CBE Students Bring Home the Gold

November 19, 2015

Lobo Engineers at AIChE meetingThe UNM AIChE Student Chapter had the opportunity to take 26 undergraduate students from the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department to the Annual Student Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Of those 26 students, 4 presented their research at the student poster competition and 2 were selected to host a workshop on “Building Relationships with Professors and Graduate Students."
Every student had the opportunity to attend technical talks and workshops, as well as the career and graduate school fair. Several UNM students were given immediate on-site interviews, while several more gained valuable contacts at graduate schools. In addition to networking with industry and academia professionals, the Lobos made numerous peer contacts at schools across the world. Overall, UNM’s participation at the AIChE Annual Student Conference was immensely successful!

Four UNM students presented their research at the annual undergraduate poster competition.
Senior Jolie Lucero presented on “Scale up Batch Reaction of Precision Polymers” in the Catalysis and Reaction Engineering category as did Junior Mariah Austin for her research “A Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor for the Systematic Control of Gold Nanoparticle Size”.
Junior Julian Vigil completed his presentation in the Materials Engineering and Science category entitled “Cobalt-Based Thin Film Nanostructures as Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Overall Water Splitting”.
Sophomore Chris Hirani presented in the Environmental category with his research, “Determining Chemical Composition of Wildfire Ash Particulates”.

UNM AIChE is pleased to announce that two of our students, Julian Vigil and Chris Hirani, received 1st place awards in their respective categories. We Julian and Chrisstrongly believe that this is just the beginning of UNM AIChE members showcasing the high caliber research done by students at our school.
Our members have done research in collaboration with UNM, Sandia National Laboratories, the US Department of Energy, Los Alamos National Laboratory, the UNM School of Medicine, and numerous other organizations. UNM AIChE is very proud of the outstanding students we have recruited and look forward to representing our chapter, as well as UNM, at future conferences!

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