Exploring Anti-Racism and Social Justice in Engineering Curricula

February 22, 2021

workhop 3-21

Monday, March 1, 2021 • 9:30 - 11:30 am • Faculty Development Workshop • CBE & Facets

Exploring Anti-Racism and Social Justice in Engineering Curricula
Susan Lord, Chair and Professor, J. Alex Mejia, Assistant Professor, Diana Chen, Assistant Professor and Gordon Hoople, Assistant Professor from the University of San Diego's Department of Integrated Engineering.

What do systemic racism, social justice and Black Lives Matter (BLM) mean for engineering faculty in terms of our teaching? Historically, issues of social justice have not been part of the curriculum however engineering practice involves not only technical dimensions but also a recognition of the complex social systems embedded into the profession. It is important for faculty to recognize the opportunities that exist to embrace and integrate the sociotechnical complexity of engineering into our instruction, including the ways in which engineering promotes or prevents injustice through the designed world. We will discuss why we need to do this work, what we do in our courses, and how we can sustain this work. Participants will have the option to choose from several breakout sessions that have been designed to meet participants where they are in this journey.

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